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Welcome to the Online Home of Capitalism Version 2.0

Welcome to the online home for Capitalism Version 2.0 and the exciting new book The FixThe Fix is a 623-page journey into the heart of a new kind of free-market capitalism that demonstrates all of the benefits the proponents of capitalism have always claimed were possible, but have been unable to produce.  The Fix is an "omnibus approach" to the organization of economies just as capitalism and socialism have been omnibus approaches that have failed. The Fix is a complete interwoven series of economic programs and principles that cover the entire range of issues we face today regarding fiscal spending, appropriations, entitlement program financing, capital market operations, commercial banking system operations, central banking system operations, corrections, housing, commercial real estate and monetary policy.  The Fix documents all of these issues the author (Clint Lovell) has researched over the course of the past eight years and now provides solutions for our economic society's most pressing problems - right when we need them the most!  Click here and download the PowerPoint presentation on the basics of The Fix.

Think about the basic issues for a moment:

Government gets money the same we way do - it either gets it as a gift, it steals it (called "taxation" when government steals) or it has to earn it.

Government spending is an unlimited activity because the people who make the spending decisions don't have to pay the bill, so they have no reason to stop spending.

Taxation (stealing) is a limited activity, you can't steal it all or tax it all without the economy grinding to a halt, creating massive unemployment or other big economic problems.

This means that we are trying to address a relatively unlimited activity (fiscal spending) with a limited resource (taxation) and that you know must always fail.  There can be no other outcome.

The Fix offers a whole new way of financing the costs of government, creating money, allocating credit and organizing our economy that creates the following benefits:

There is no national debt because we pay all of it back in only 16 years and nobody is making payments!

Health care costs $30 a month and co-payments are 2.00% (electives are more).

There are no "pre-existing conditions" because everything is covered.  This includes health, dental, vision, mental, homeopathic remedies, drugs, products, glasses - the whole nine yards!

There are no Medicaid or Medicare liabilities because there is no Medicare or Medicaid - have universal care instead!

There are no more bailouts, abuses or sweetheart deals - it all comes to an end.

There is a new stock market that will never crash and neither does the new banking system!

The currency becomes the dominant focus of world attention as we go to a whole new standard that ends fiat money forever!

Yes Virginia, there is an economic society where we can all seek our own desires owing to liberty, to freedom from want and to the pursuit of happiness and the American Way of Life.  Find out why the Laffer Curve argument is now obsolete, how we can improve our economy, end recessions, retire our entire national debt and open a whole new chapter in economics and business.


The First Orders of The Fix Will Ship in the Next Few Weeks.  Order Your Advance Copy Today!


Some of the key claims that are set forth in The Fix and factually demonstrated in the book beyond any reasonable doubt include:

No more taxes of any kind: the New Economy operates without any kind of taxation of any kind.  No income taxes, no property taxes, no value-added taxes, no employer "contributions" to Social Security, no employee "contributions, no to all of it.  The obvious point is that taxation can't pay our bills (or we would have paid them), so Clint Lovell created a whole new set of means for funding the costs of government.  Nobody ever faces wealth confiscation by government again.

National debt paid off:  Capitalism Version 2.0 eliminates our national debt within 16 years and without you suffering want.  We put it all behind us and this pay-off of our national debt happens "automatically".

Truly universal health careThe Fix includes a universal health care benefit for $30 per person, per month and co-payments as low as 2%.  It covers every person, every condition and every treatment.  There are no exceptions other than a higher co-pay for electives.  Not a single penny of taxpayer dollars required and no unfunded deficits.

Best education system imaginable:  Capitalism Version 2.0 provides a universal education benefit for everyone (workers and children) for $30 per person, per month and finally complete accountability is in our hands.  It is time every kid in America has that same private school education as the most elite members of our society.  Private school for only $845 a year!

Social Security fixed forever.  Capitalism Version 2.0 eliminates all Social Security deficits and unfunded liabilities in approximately 16 years and provides an increase for the most at-risk senior households and disabled households.

No more economic "bubbles": the New Economy eliminates market bubbles by removing the bubble's root causes.  In this sense, The Fix creates the "perfect market".

The strongest possible national defense: the New Economy provides a funding structure fund our costs of national defense into perpetuity and without our people suffering want for this to happen.

Unlimited government spending:  Capitalism Version 2.0 demonstrates a sustainable funding structure that allows for unlimited fiscal spending appropriations for entitlement programs and these costs can never hurt our economy again.  By changing how the stakeholders in the economy interact with one another, Clint Lovell changed everything about how the economy would then be reasonably expected to work.  This should thrill Keynesian economists.

No recessions ever again: The Fix eliminates the underlying causal factors pertaining to recessions from being able to occur, so recessions will never happen again.  It's like getting pneumonia.  You have to get the bug first.  If you can't ever get the bug, then you can never get sick.  The same applies here; the conditions required to sustain a recession are eliminated, so a recession will never happen again.  The laws of mathematics allow for no other outcome.

No hyperinflation ever again: The Fix includes a monetary policy that eliminates the potential for hyperinflation.  Our currency has an entirely new unit of "value accounting" owing to wealth created in the economy.  The American dollar will not be the reserve currency of the world, it will be the only currency.

Frictional unemployment forever.  Capitalism Version 2.0 means new business formations aren't a likelihood, they are an unavoidable outcome; and that means labor demand is permanently sustainable

Labor finally wins its long war: the New Economy eliminates the practice of management preying upon labor.  Everyone jumps on the same side of the table, because; in the New Economy, management and capital have no incentive to try and take advantage of labor.

Truly equal access to capital for all: the New Economy includes a new capital market alternative that plays no favorites, offers truly universal access to business capital and eliminates market volatility pertaining to this new platform.  Imagine a stock market that never goes down in value and access to capital for the smallest of small-business issues being equal to the largest of Fortune 500 companies.  Clint Lovell has created an entrepreneur's dream with The Fix.

Comprehensive commercial banking system reformThe Fix provides a complete commercial banking system overhaul at no cost to taxpayers and provides a new business model that is sustainable.  Commercial banks will never be able to "greenmail" the rest of us ever again and they get an entirely new business model so that we can let them stay in business.

Fiat monetary policies eliminated:  Capitalism Version 2.0 ends the practice of fiat money and replaces it with a unit of value that reflects increases in wealth in the economy and the new currency would have a real command on future consumption.

All of these plans, programs and initiatives happen without distorting our economy, dislocating workers or creating a recession, because; the true test of a macroeconomic plan is its ability to deliver results on scaleable basis and The Fix is no exception to this rule, so we can begin with baby-steps and still be able to measure actual results - and do so immediately.  This means Capitalism Version 2.0 will work on any scale and for any task our economic society assigns to it due to the beneficial impacts of Rational Choice Theory.  

Truly, everything in our economy is now "fixable" and it all starts with the first book - The Fix.

Ordering Your Copy of The Fix

Here you can order your copy of the book for only $29.95 (plus sales tax and shipping - a total of $37.37), preview some of the information set forth in the book, review/ analyze the component public finance plans and learn about all of the features and benefits of Capitalism Version 2.0.  To order your copy of The Fix, click here and go to the order page.  All book sales are via this online bookstore or on eBay.  For group orders and information on the financial opportunity owing to The Fix, please contact us via email at or via phone at 281.537.1200.

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Advance sales on The Fix are now available.  You can preorder your copy of The Fix and be one of the first to receive your own hardcover copy.  All payments are handled through the PayPal system so your financial information is kept between you and PayPal.


Best of all, all preorders are shipped with us paying your shipping costs, saving you $4.95.


Order, save and enjoy for the holidays!

Copyright, 2005 - 2011, Clinton E. Lovell.  All rights reserved.  The Fix is marketed and sold under license to Rainmaker Marketing Corporation, Inc. 
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